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Hurricane Irene Wind Field, Storm Tide & Rainfall Maps Available from CompuWeather

*** Hurricane Irene Timelines are also available by towns, zip codes or specific addresses ***

CompuWeather has begun shipping wind field map sets, storm tide maps sets and rainfall map sets for areas in the Eastern United States affected by Hurricane Irene. These preliminary tools prepared by CompuWeather’s meteorologists will provide insurance professionals, field catastrophe teams, engineers and adjusters with the necessary wind information to assist with managing field catastrophe and claims operations.

Maps are immediately available for purchase from CompuWeather in PDF format. Maps can be purchased separately by zone/region or together as a complete 10 state set at a discounted total price (see below):

SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND REGION – Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and the Adjacent New York Hudson Valley (includes major cities:  Boston, Providence, Hartford and Albany)

TRI-STATE REGION (NY, NJ, CT) – Connecticut, Southeastern New York and Long Island, New Jersey, Adjacent Eastern Pennsylvania (includes major cities: New York City, Philadelphia and Hartford)

MID-ATLANTIC (DEL-MAR-VA) REGION – District of Columbia, Eastern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware (includes major cities: Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond and Norfolk)

NORTH CAROLINA – From Greensboro Eastward (includes major cities: Raleigh/Durham, Wilmington, Fayetteville, Beaufort/Newport)

Each zone/region above contains 2 wind maps (one for maximum sustained 1-minute winds and one for peak 3-second winds gusts.) and 1 storm tide map. The complete wind set includes a total of 8 maps spanning the complete 10 state area and the complete storm tide map set includes 4 maps spanning the complete 10 state area. Please note that the full state of Connecticut is included in both the Southern New England Region and Tri-State Region Maps.

The current maps provide a broad based view and analysis of the winds and storm tide experienced during Hurricane Irene. To document specific claim locations by address, CompuWeather suggests ordering a hurricane timeline analysis or detailed hurricane report which would be specific to the point of loss and is prepared on a case-by-case basis by a CompuWeather meteorologist.

Please contact CompuWeather if you are interested in rainfall information for Hurricane Irene when it becomes available.

For more information, to discuss pricing and options or to immediately request our services or products, please contact Patti Robertson, CompuWeather Account Executive, at phone: +1.845.592.7471, by email or by using our secure web form.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the difference between Storm Tide and Storm Surge