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Upgrades & Enhancements to CompuWeather’s HailTrail™ Professional Hail Analysis Tools

Contributed by Jess Hurwitz, CompuWeather Director of Sales and Marketing / CTO

CompuWeather’s HailTrail™ product line of hail analysis tools is designed specifically for insurance professionals, engineers and attorneys needing to properly document hail claims and cases. The HailTrail™ products all contain the most requested options from our clients and provide the most comprehensive set of tools available to document hail issues. We are constantly enhancing the products based on client requests and needs. Here are 3 very important recent upgrades to our hail products:

Enhanced Hail Swath Graphics on our HailTrail™ Reports – We have updated the hail swath graphic on all of our site-specific reports with a high-resolution swath graphic that now provides even more detail than before when identifying the size of the hail.

FREE Radar Enhanced Hail Search Option Included – Our HailTrail™ SEARCH Reports have now been upgraded to include a radar enhanced search analysis in addition to the more traditional hail reports from observations. CompuWeather’s HailTrail™ SEARCH is the only hail search report in the industry to include both types of analysis together in a single report as our standard option with no additional charge for both sets of information.

Upgraded Hail Size Detection Algorithms – CompuWeather’s HailTrail™ products have all been recently upgraded and enhanced to take advantage of new hail size detection technology and algorithms. This upgrade provides you with the most advanced hail size detection available in our industry today.