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Using a Local Meteorologist for Forensic Weather Studies? Maybe It’s Time to Switch to CompuWeather

Contributed by Kim Cuozzo, Marketing Associate, Forensic Weather Marketing Team

Almost daily when I am speaking with potential clients, the question arises about which is better, using a local meteorologist or using CompuWeather for my forensic work. Simply put – there is no advantage to using a local meteorologist over CompuWeather. Here are some of the reasons that new clients choose and switch to CompuWeather for all of their forensic weather needs:

Local meteorologists are typically sole proprietors with limited availability and are usually only familiar with weather in their local area. They are typically forecast / broadcast meteorologists or teachers that generally have little experience performing forensic studies, preparing legal documents and working with insurance and legal professionals.  In comparison, CompuWeather is a 24/7 company which employs over 30 meteorologists who have experience with all types of weather from all over the world. We are a full service (all-weather) company specializing in performing forensic studies for insurance claims and legal cases and we fully understand how to prepare documents which may be used in the legal system. In our 38 years in business, we have prepared over 75,000 forensic reports, our work has been used to manage over 225,000 hurricane claims throughout the Southeast United States and the Gulf Coast and we have participated in thousands of legal cases in a weather expert capacity.

Here are some other major differences between local meteorologists and CompuWeather that our clients have conveyed to us:

CompuWeather is typically 2 -3 times less expensive than most local meteorologists. Meteorologists who work on their own tend to charge more for their work since they only have a few jobs at a time that they can handle, rely heavily on those jobs for their revenue and typically have high costs related to purchasing data for your study.

CompuWeather typically delivers products 4-5 times quicker than most local meteorologists. Our standard turnaround time for a report is five business days, and we can get things done even more quickly if the client requests it. Many local meteorologists take much longer to prepare reports, as forensic work is not their main focus and they typically have to order data for your study which can take weeks to arrive.

By choosing CompuWeather, you get a full team of forensic meteorologists and weather experts at your disposal who prepare reports quickly, inexpensively, and with an unsurpassed level of knowledge and accuracy.