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Can CompuWeather Provide an Expert Witness if My Case Goes to Trial?

Contributed by Kim Cuozzo, Marketing Associate, Forensic Weather Marketing Team

Clients call us to request site-specific past weather reports or weather data, and often ask if my case goes to trial, can we provide an expert witness to testify in court? For CompuWeather, the answer is always Yes!

Often we hear that this is a main concern for our clients since they want ensure full support for their case from start-to-finish from a single entity. They don’t want to get a report from one meteorologist and then find out that they are not experienced, not qualified or even worse not available to go to court or deposition when needed. Unfortunately, when dealing with many single meteorologists or small weather companies, this can and should be a huge concern.

CompuWeather has over 30 meteorologists on staff skilled in all areas of meteorology under a single roof.  We have a team of meteorologists who are expert witnesses and have appeared at numerous trials in courts all over the country. The expert witnesses prepare the site-specific weather reports, and can testify as to what the weather conditions were if the case does reach the testimony stage either for court or deposition. Interestingly enough, of the 3000+ site-specific reports we produce each year, less than 1% of cases that we work on go to trial. Many more (around 65%) utilize many of our other legal services such as phone consultations, document review, affidavit preparation and certified data fulfillment as they work through the different stages of the case. According to feedback from many of our legal clients, having an accurate, well-prepared site-specific report from CompuWeather is frequently enough to help move the case towards settlement, eliminating the need and cost of going to trial.

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