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Handling Cases and Claims with Multiple Weather Elements

Contributed by Jess Hurwitz, CompuWeather Director of Sales and Marketing / CTO

In many of the cases and claims that we work on, a single weather element is to blame for the damage and loss. In these instances properly determining the intensity, amount and/or timing of the weather is what we are typically asked to provide for our clients. Other situations involve more than one weather element; understanding how each performed individually and affected each another can be very important to understanding the true cause of the damage. Timing is also important when dealing with multiple weather elements especially in large or catastrophic losses. These very complicated forensic weather investigations require an experienced meteorologist to determine all the factors, research all of the available information and finally address all the particular concerns and questions from the client. Providing an accurate account of the event from start to finish provides you with the insight to determine what actually caused the damage and how it relates to coverage held by the insured. The type of coverage held, limits of liability and coverage, waiting periods and specific riders and options all may come into play when multiple weather factors are involved with a loss. Getting a weather expert involved with these types of claims/cases is in the best interest of all involved.