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Full-Service Forensic Weather Support for Marine Cases and Claims From CompuWeather

Contributed by Patti Robertson, CompuWeather Forensic Order Specialist and Account Executive

Did you know that, in addition to reconstructing past weather conditions for accidents that occur on land, CompuWeather can easily assist you with investigations into water-based (sea, ocean, river, lake, etc.) incidents and accidents? We have an entire division devoted specifically to marine forensics, admiralty cases and voyage reconstructions, and our marine meteorologists can reconstruct a variety of weather and sea conditions based on your needs (i.e. sea conditions, wave height, wind speed and direction, tides, tropical activity and other relevant weather factors) for any location in the world. Common marine cases that we work on include: vessel groundings, sinkings and driftings, cargo loss and damage, injuries and deaths at sea (Jones Act), personal watercraft accidents, ship damage from storms or hurricanes, and commercial speed and performance claims. Our experts have vast experience in identifying, analyzing and interpreting marine data.  We can also access marine forecasts and advisories, which are often a critical factor in determining whether a reasonable person would have known that storm conditions were predicted during the time of the voyage.

Our marine forensic reports are offered in two formats:  Standard and Expanded, depending on the level of detail you require for your case.  They are typically delivered in 10 business days from date of order, and include an opportunity for follow-up questions with one of our marine experts. We also offer telephone consultations either in lieu of, or in advance of, a written report.  A phone consult typically has a quicker turnaround time than a written report and many of our clients use this option when they need a quick answer prior to filings or motions on a case.  In addition, we offer full litigation support, worldwide testimony and special legal services, such as document review and custom graphics. Prices for “Standard” marine reports start at $595.