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Should I Call CompuWeather for My Unusual Weather Case?

Contributed by Kim Cuozzo, Marketing Associate, Forensic Weather Marketing Team

The Answer is most definitely YES!

Many of the cases and claims we handle at CompuWeather are the more typical types of weather cases, i.e. slip & falls, roof damage, motor vehicle accidents, property damage from high winds or hail, and the like. Each year CompuWeather produces approximately 3000 reports documenting 5,000-10,000 cases and claims (and sometimes more). However, we can cover any type of weather-related case or claim, even the unusual or unique ones which accounts for about 10%-15% of the work we do. Being the largest worldwide provider of forensic weather analysis has given us the opportunity to gain experience with the widest range of forensic weather work. In our 38 years in business there is not much we have not seen or worked on but we always welcome a new challenge.

Here are some examples of the more unusual types of forensic weather cases CompuWeather has worked on:

  • Frozen pipes in buildings and motor homes
  • Frozen underground water lines and utility cables
  • Criminal cases, medical malpractice cases, workers compensation cases and even employment cases
  • Chemical and paint overspray claims
  • Crop and agriculture damage
  • Cattle & livestock claims
  • Plane crashes, train derailments, ship sinkings and truck accidents
  • Snowmobile, ATV (quads) and personal watercraft (jet-ski) accidents
  • Death investigation
  • Heat-related injuries (i.e. heat stroke, high temperature and humidity, etc.)
  • Toxic tort cases
  • Construction accidents and delays
  • Cargo loss and damage
  • Damage to docks, marine facilities, barges and storage tanks
  • Damage to underwater pipelines and offshore rigs

So while your case may not be a typical one or the most common type of case we deal with, CompuWeather can certainly help you, as long as weather is involved!

Feel free to view our CompuWeather Forensic Weather Hall of Fame and Case Gallery where we showcase some on the more unique cases and claims that CompuWeather is proud to have worked on