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Phone Consult or Written Report: Which One is Right for My Case?

Contributed by Patti Robertson, CompuWeather Forensic Order Specialist and Account Executive

woman-smile-headsetIn most cases, our clients approach us with a new case and ask for a written report right up front.  But sometimes, a telephone consultation may be a better option.  Here are some situations where you may opt to get a verbal analysis first:

  • If you’re trying to decide whether you should take the case, finding out if the weather conditions will help you or hurt you can be a deciding factor. You may not need a lengthy written  analysis;  a brief summation by one of our experts in a 10-15 minute phone call will probably do the trick.
  • You may be trying to plan a case strategy, and you need to know how the weather conditions fit into that strategy.  Once again, this is a situation where a conversation may be more conducive to deciding your next move.  Our experts have extensive courtroom experience, and have suggested ideas to our clients that have proven to be case winners, often when the client felt they had no case.
  • You may think you have a losing case, based on witness testimony, and you don’t want to invest a lot.  A telephone consultation is a cost effective solution when budget is a consideration.
  • You may be under a time constraint, and can’t wait a week for a written  report.  We can typically schedule a consult for you the next business day, and same day rush service is also available.

Once you’ve completed your consultation with one of our experts, you can either a) do nothing else, b) order a written report right away, c) order a written report at some time in the future, or d) prepare an affidavit based on the consultation that the expert will review, sign and notarize. 

The telephone consultation is CompuWeather’s fastest growing service.  Why not give it a try on your next case?