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Which CompuWeather HailTrail™ product is right for your case or claim?

Contributed by Patti Robertson, CompuWeather Forensic Order Specialist and Account Executive

HailTrail from CompuWeatherWith hail season upon us, a refresher on CompuWeather’s unique HailTrail™ products may be useful in deciding which product is the best solution for your investigation. Our HailTrail™ products are the most popular professional tools for documenting hail-related insurance claims, legal cases and engineering investigations.

HailTrail™:  This report provides a site-specific hail analysis for an exact location over a 24-hour period. It graphically illustrates the size and path of damaging hail, larger than 0.75”, with respect to the requested location on a detailed Google™ map. There is also a narrative overview of the storm event prepared by a meteorologist, which includes the time that the storm(s) affected the location in question.  This is a great tool for documenting hail claims when it is necessary to determine whether damaging hail was or was not present at a specific location and time. Optionally, we can also upgrade your HailTrail™ report to include a wind analysis if this is needed.

HailTrail Search Plus™:  If you’re not sure if and when hail may have affected a location over any period of time, our HailTrail Search Plus™ Report can assist you in this important task. It can be used to search for hail reports for any period from 1 day to 25 years.  It provides a comprehensive detailed listing of all hail reports in time and date order within 25 miles of your requested location with a description of each hail report (date, time, distance, hail size, report source, city, state, county, etc.). HailTrail Search Plus™ also includes a radar enhanced hail search component. This technology is able to estimate the maximum size hail at your loss location, and within 1, 3, and 10 miles of the location.  Utilizing both the radar enhanced technology in combination with the observed hail reports is a more comprehensive approach to professionally verifying hail events. CompuWeather is the only company to provide both items in a single report.

If you’re still in doubt as to which product best suits your needs, our Forensic Sales professionals are available to answer your questions and advise you.