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How Far Back in Time Can CompuWeather Go?

Contributed by Kim Cuozzo, Marketing Associate, Forensic Weather Marketing Team

Legal cases are not always tried quickly. Sometimes a case with a date of loss from 20 years ago may finally be heading for trial. Other times it may be necessary to go back decades in time to see what the weather has historically been like for a certain location, whether it be an issue of rainfall, wind, snowfall, or another phenomenon. CompuWeather can search quite far in time to document what the weather was at a particular location. The question of exactly how far back we can go depends on the data available for a particular location. Some locations have data that was recorded back in the late 1800’s. Other times, data may only be available for the past 30 years. The best thing to do is to always give us a call, discuss your case with our forensic order specialists and ask us what time frame and location you are looking for. Our data research analysts can then check to see what data is available, and in the vast majority of cases, we will be able to help you out!