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Ordering Certified Weather Data Prior to An Expert’s Analysis; A Common Mistake That Leads to an Unnecessary Expense

Contributed by Patti Robertson, CompuWeather Forensic Order Specialist and Account Executive

Many times our clients preempt getting an expert weather analysis by purchasing certified weather data from a source other than CompuWeather and then come to us for an expert opinion on the weather conditions at the site of loss. Prior to consulting with the client or preparing a written report, CompuWeather’s research team will perform an extensive data search and radar analysis (if appropriate). When it’s time to make or respond to a motion, or when preparing for trial, the client will invariably want to include the certified data that they purchased prior to our involvement in the case and this is where the problem arises. In almost all cases, our research and data selection encompasses additional data that we used for our analysis, but was not included in the client’s certified data package. This usually happens either because the client wasn’t aware of all of the reporting stations near the accident location, or there were other types of weather data that were included in our survey, important to our conclusion, but not known to the client. In order to have the complete data set, the certified data must be reordered, leading to an unnecessary and unfortunate duplicate expense. This can be avoided by allowing CompuWeather’s data experts to order all the appropriate and relevant data for your case after we provide you with our expert opinion.