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My Case is Complicated; Can CompuWeather Still Help?

Contributed by Kim Cuozzo, Marketing Associate, Forensic Weather Marketing Team

CompuWeather is prepared to help you no matter how simple or complex a case may be. An example of a complex case would be a case involving flooding at multiple locations and you need to know not only how much rain fell at each location, but hourly rainfall totals, how often that amount of rain fell over the past 20 years, and what the likelihood is of receiving that amount of rainfall in any given year. Or maybe you need us to not only give an opinion about what the weather was like on a certain day, but also to review the opposing expert’s report and see what we think of that. Your case may be complicated and multifaceted, but CompuWeather can break it down piece by piece and work with you to give you all the results that you need. If CompuWeather can’t cover your requests with one of our many standard reports and available options, we can easily work with you on a time & materials (T&M) basis to satisfy all of your needs. In many cases, this option provides flexibility and a very cost-effective solution. No matter how convoluted your case, CompuWeather is there to help and get the job done for you!