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Marine Accidents & Claims
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About Us

CompuWeather is the largest worldwide provider of forensic weather data and a member of the FleetWeather Group of Companies. Established in 1976, CompuWeather is located in Hopewell Junction, NY about 75 miles north of New York City in the well-known Hudson Valley area of New York State. CompuWeather is best known for providing past weather documentation that pinpoints the exact weather conditions for the time and place a loss occurred. CompuWeather celebrates its 39th year in business and has managed over 400,000 insurance claims and legal cases to date: 75,000+ written reports, 250K+ Hurricane related claims/cases, and 180K+ non-hurricane related claims and cases. CompuWeather has a 95% market share and is generally the brand name of choice for insurance professionals, attorneys and engineers when the weather conditions are critical to the management of a case, claim or investigation.

CompuWeather employs over 25 meteorologists with a vast range of experience and training both in land and marine meteorology. All of CompuWeather’s meteorologists are all highly experienced, trained and degreed. Internally we are organized into teams that specialize in land cases, marine cases and hurricane cases. CompuWeather currently handles on average approximately 500 assignments and projects per month ranging from simple cases to long term studies. Our extensive global client base includes a vast range of insurance professionals, plaintiff and defense attorneys from firms of all sizes and many different practice areas, municipal law departments, maritime attorneys and surveyors and engineering firms. CompuWeather has also earned the distinction for being one of the premier sources for hurricane and severe storm related data and analysis. In 2005 CompuWeather worked with most of the major insurance, legal and engineering firms involved with Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma. It is estimated that CompuWeather’s products have been used to manage over 250,000 hurricane related claims throughout the Southeast and the Gulf Coast Region including many $1B plus cases and claims.

CompuWeather is distinguished by its reputation of providing exceptional and legendary service, quality and accurate work, rapid and timely delivery of all products and comprehensive post-sale support with live direct access to our staff of meteorologists. Our process is simple and typically takes just a few minutes to initiate us to be working on your case or claim.

For many clients, CompuWeather is a one-stop shop for all their weather needs. CompuWeather has the resources to work with all types of weather at any location in world and can provide support for both marine and land based cases and claims. CompuWeather has developed many unique products, tools and services that focus on specific types of weather or managing specific types of cases or claims. Our team of knowledgeable forensic weather consultants provides a unique approach to helping you determine which product and/or service is best for your case or claim. In additional to our standard products and services, CompuWeather also provides specialty line of hurricane products and many special legal services including: rush and super rush service, phone consultations, certified weather data fulfillment, and worldwide expert testimony.

In addition to our forensic work, CompuWeather also has a forecasting group. CompuWeather is the largest provider of 24/7 site-specific forecasting for the film and commercial production industry (movies, TV shows, commercials, etc.) and outdoor events.


American Meteorological Society (AMS)

National Weather Association (NWA)

Windstorm Insurance Network

The Chicago Claim Association

Dallas Claims Association (DCA)

The National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP)

International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU)

Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA)

Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS)