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CompuWeather Site-Specific Weather Forecast Service

Weather Decision Assistance for Professional Decision Makers

Professional Forecast Services from CompuWeather for:

  • Feature Film and Movie Productions
  • Commercial Productions
  • Television Programs and Pilotscompuweather_production_logo_200
  • Outdoor Events / Concerts / Festivals / Fairs
  • Recreation and Sport Events / Outdoor Attractions
  • Photo and Video Shoots
  • High Profile and VIP Events / Benefits and Galas
  • PR / Marketing Events / Promotional Tours
  • Art, Music and Fashion Events / Award Shows
  • Media and News Productions
  • Meetings / Conferences / Conventions
  • Weddings / Parties / Corporate Events
  • Any type of weather sensitive outdoor event!

Keeping schedules on-time, staying in-budget, maintaining safety, minimizing risk and making great weather decisions are some of the many challenges faced by professional decision makers for all types of outdoor events and productions. Your credibility, reputation and job rely on making accurate weather decisions consistently and in a timely manner. Relying on many of the free and amateur weather resources so easily available today are not recommended for those in a professional capacity where clear and concise decisions are so vital to your success. CompuWeather provides you with the ability to timeshare a team of professional forecast meteorologists in a cost-effective manneessex_steam_trainr working for you 24/7 and available anytime a critical decision needs to be made. Choose to partner with a resource designed specifically for professionals and that understands your specific needs and the challenges you deal with each and every day. Don’t make those tough decisions alone without accurate, reliable and timely forecasts and live advice from CompuWeather. CompuWeather is open 24/7 and provides unlimited call-in access to our meteorology team for live updates, questions or advice!

CompuWeather is a leading provider of site-specific forecasts for feature films and movies, commercial productions and all kinds of outdoor events. We work with all types of weather sensitive outdoor events, large or small, single or multiple locations, stationary or mobile, and from a few hours or single day to months at a time. We can provide forecasting for any location in the world and can work with all types of weather conditions. We can help you to avoid undesirable conditions or find specific conditions needed for a specific shoot.

Discover why CompuWeather has been the secret of many professionals responsible for outdoor venues, productions and events. We have been in business for over 40 years and have provided forecasts for over 21,000 events and productions. Many of our clients use us over and over again from season-to-season, job-to-job, production-to-production or event-to-event. Our service includes daily scheduled site-specific forecasts for your exact location sent via email and live unlimited call-in access to our 24/7 (WE NEVER CLOSE!) Global Operations Center manned by our team of professional forecast meteorologists. We only charge you for the days you require forecasts for and can begin providing service at no additional charge up to 5 days prior to your first forecast day. Forecasts can be for single or multiple locations and locations can be changed as needed to accommodate your changing schedule. Looking to avoid speciflee-smith-bighorn-helicopteric weather or looking to find specific weather, we can help. We can also provide climatology studies, post-production weather analysis reports (for weather insurance claims), outlooks and advice.

Your unlimited call in privileges make it easy to get live updates, advice and answers to your questions. No contracts or lengthy subscriptions; use us when you need us. We have different levels of service and options to work with any budget or type of event. We keep things simple by charging by the day and number of locations requiring forecasts. We conveniently accept all credit cards and can accept Purchase Orders from qualified Movies, Films and Television Productions. Let CompuWeather help make your outdoor event or production a success and keep you on-time and in-budget.

Have questions or want to setup forecasting now?
Contact CompuWeather 24/7 at: 800-836-7246 or 845-226-8200
Get immediate service now or schedule service for the future!

Typical Clients Include: Production companies and professionals, movie companies, cable, satellite and television networks, photographers, videographers, advertising companies, event planners, wedding planners, corporate event teams, professional sport organizations, non-profits, fashion companies, party planners, event promoters, security professionals, transportation companies, equipment suppliers and vendors, media and news organizations, event venues, entertainment companies, marketing companies, retailers, party rental companies and many more!24-hours

CompuWeather works with all kinds of weather at any location throughout the world. We work with many special types of forecasts including: land, coastal, marine, island, mountain, aviation, helicopter and many more. Looking to avoid specific conditions or looking to find specific conditions; we can help. We assist many clients with finding specific conditions (i.e driving depth snow) in the near future or deciding on best locations and times when and where certain conditions will exist.

Call us with your questions or specific requirements – CompuWeather is here to help!

Accurate and reliable site-specific forecasts. Superior service at all times! Outlooks, forecasts, studies and advice! Use our services for planning purposes or decision assistance – immediate or future service always available – no contracts or accounts needed. Call us now 24/7 and setup immediately in less than 10 minutes.

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CompuWeather Accounting Department
Contact our accounting department for W-9’s or payment information
Accounting Phone: +1.845.226.8300 (select Option 5 for Accounting)
Accounting Fax: +1.845.227.7763

CompuWeather Physical Address
CompuWeather, Inc.
2566 Route 52
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 USA