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Wide Range of Cost Effective Solutions Designed for Managing Insurance Claims

“We always thought of CompuWeather for only lightning and hail. Now we rely on you for all types of weather!”

Insurance professionals are typically challenged with dealing with weather-related claims. Whether trying to determine what the true cause of the claim was, verifying that the weather conditions that were reported to cause the loss actually existed, investigating fraud or attempting to place blame when trying to subrogate a case, CompuWeather is here to help. CompuWeather has worked with over 82% of the insurance companies in the USA and provides daily support to a wide range of insurance professionals including: claims representatives, adjusters, third-party administrators, claims management, subrogators, and SIU (special investigative unit) investigators. Insurance professionals quickly discover that using CompuWeather for their weather-related claims will help them save time and money by giving them the accurate site-specific information they need to settle more claims, manage claims more efficiently and settle claims more quickly.

CompuWeather also works very closely with many insurance industry catastrophe teams (CAT Teams) to provide and support them with accurate information quickly when in they have personnel the field evaluating a disaster or catastrophe (hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc.).

CompuWeather can pin-point the exact weather conditions that took place for a point of loss and provide you with an advantage when managing all types of weather-related claims. Working with CompuWeather is extremely simple and easy. You may contact us by phone, fax, email or web and it typically takes less than 5 minutes to request our services. We specialize in providing you with the answers you need in a site-specific, comprehensive, “Plain- English” report that is written by one of CompuWeather’s meteorologists based on your specific needs, requirements and questions. Even after the sale, we fully support you by allowing you to speak directly to one of our meteorologists anytime should you have any questions about your report.

Products and Services for Insurance Professionals

CompuWeather FastFacts -A site-specific, plain English report prepared by our meteorologists that provides weather conditions in a tabular style and in less detail than our Formal Report (listed below). No graphs or maps are included. This summary report is typically used for claims where simple determinations or weather-related questions need to be answered.

CompuWeather Formal Report – A site-specific, plain English, detailed narrative style analysis of weather and ground conditions prepared by our meteorologists. Includes color graphs of weather parameters, a map showing the location of loss as well as the weather reporting stations used in the analysis and a conclusion and determination as to the specific weather conditions at the time of the loss. CompuWeather’s Formal Report is our most popular product. It is used for claims where more detailed information or complex weather issues are involved. It is also the perfect tool for any claim that is destined to be litigated in the future. Some of our reports also include a weather synopsis which is a description of recent weather patterns affecting a large area.

CompuWeather Lightning Strike Report – An extremely cost effective and highly accurate tool that verifies the proximity of lightning strikes with respect to a specific property location. The report provides a list of every strike within 5 miles, the distance in tenths of a mile from the property, and the date and the time it entered the ground. You receive a combined graphical and text report. No more guessing when managing lightning-related claims.

NEW – CompuWeather HailTrail™ Site-Specific Hail Analysis Report – Provides site-specific hail analysis for an exact location over a 24-hour period. Graphically illustrates the size and path of damaging hail (>0.75″) with respect to the requested location on a detailed Google™ map. Provides a text overview of the storm event prepared by a meteorologist, which includes the time that the storm affected the location in question.  This is a great tool for documenting hail claims when it is necessary to determine whether damaging hail was or was not present at a specific location and time. Standard delivery is 3 business days with expedited delivery available as an option. See more information.

NEW – CompuWeather HailTrail™SEARCH Vicinity Hail Search Report – Not sure if and when hail may have affected a location over any period of time? CompuWeather’s HailTrail™SEARCH Report can assist you in this important task. This convenient tool can be used to search for hail reports for any period from 1 day to 25 years.  Provides a comprehensive detailed listing with all hail reports in time and date order within 25 miles of your requested location with a description of each hail report (date, time, distance, hail size, report source, city, state, county, etc.). Also provided is a summary listing of the closest hail reports sorted by distance. Typically used for policy coverage issues or to narrow the time window when hail occurred. See more information.

NEW – CompuWeather HailTrail™PLUS Site-Specific Hail & Wind Analysis – CompuWeather’s HailTrail™PLUS report is the perfect tool for investigating damaging hail and winds for a specific location. This enhanced report provides all of the features of our standard HailTrail™ site-specific hail analysis report combined with site-specific wind analysis. The wind analysis, prepared by our meteorologists, is for the exact loss location and provides daily peak wind speeds (maximum sustained wind and gusts) and wind direction for the same days covered by the hail analysis. See more information.

CompuWeather Hurricane Report – The CompuWeather Hurricane Report is an expanded version of our Formal Report (see above) that details the weather conditions during a hurricane. Our Hurricane Report is a site-specific, narrative style analysis of a hurricane event and its effect on the loss location. Included is a synoptic history of the storm as well as a detailed, hour-by-hour analysis of wind speeds, wind direction, storm surge and rainfall at the loss location. Our full Hurricane report comes complete with an included CompuWeather Timeline Chart (see below). This report has become a standard with our clients for all large loss or litigated hurricane claims and cases.

CompuWeather Timeline Charts – A full-color, single page, site-specific graph prepared by our meteorologists that provides an hour-by-hour analysis comparing one or more weather parameters. Typically used to compare the timing and intensity of wind and storm surge at a specific loss location during a hurricane, but can be used to document any storm event. Other weather variables that may be included are: max sustained wind speed, 3-second and 5-second wind gust, wind direction, rainfall and storm surge. Our timeline charts are a simple way to communicate graphically what took place and when. Our timeline charts may be ordered separately or part of the very comprehensive Hurricane Report (listed above). They can be prepared for large areas (cities, neighborhoods, vicinities, etc.) or can be site-specific to an address or GPS location.

CompuWeather Wind Threshold Study – A long term wind analysis that provides a list of dates when the maximum wind speed for that date was equal to, or greater than, a threshold number (i.e., 40mph) at a specific location over the period of interest (i.e., 10 years).  This type of study is useful in determining if wind speeds that were recorded when a loss or damage took place are unusual for that particular location, as well as how many times over the study period a structure has been exposed to that level of wind. This is a fantastic tool for roof claims when trying to determine when damaging winds actually took place. This is an extremely helpful tool for disqualifying claims when it has been determined that the damage took place under a different company’s coverage period.

CompuWeather Rainfall Threshold Study – Similar in concept to the Wind Threshold Study (listed above).  Here, the threshold number is a 24 hour rainfall total that is compared to historical 24 hour totals at the same location.  The report provides a list of dates when the rainfall total was equal to or greater than the threshold number. This tool is often used to accurately assess liability in flooding events.

DataPLUS™ -Quality-Controlled Weather Data from CompuWeather – There are times when utilizing CompuWeather’s site-specific services are not required and simply having access to quality controlled raw weather data is preferred. CompuWeather can provide you with quality-controlled, non-certified government weather data from a reporting station near your loss location. This is a convenient, accurate and reliable way to access government weather data without the risk of using wrong, out-of-date or modeled information generally found on the Internet for free. The data is delivered by email in a PDF file. Standard delivery is 2 business days. Expedited delivery is available upon request for an additional fee.

Don’s See What You Need or Want? Contact us since we have many other custom products and services that can help!

Other Important Items

Comprehensive Post Sale Support – CompuWeather provides post sale support at all times. Have questions about your report? Call us anytime and you can speak directly with one of our meteorologists. Our job is not complete until you are fully satisfied.

CompuWeather Approved Data Sources – CompuWeather has very strict internal guidelines about the approved data sources we use when producing our products. CompuWeather uses only National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) approved data sources. This guarantees that we are able to provide court admissible certified data for all of our products except STRIKEnet® and HailTrail™ reports.

Insurance Company Terms – CompuWeather has worked closely with most insurance companies in its 40 year history. We are an approved vendor for most insurance companies in the United States and provide instant credit and direct billing to any and all US insurance companies. No credit card is ever needed for an insurance company to place an order with CompuWeather. This makes it simple and easy to place your 1st order with CompuWeather and give us a try.

CompuManage Volume Purchase Program – CompuWeather has a special program recognizing those companies that utilize CompuWeather’s services frequently and consistently. We have discovered that Insurance Companies that use us for all their weather-related claims save tremendous amounts of money and time. Our CompuManage Program helps those companies save even more with corporate-wide discounts and exclusive programs to make doing business with CompuWeather even more profitable! Please contact us to find out more about this exclusive program.

Pricing Information

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