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Maritime Claims Support, Legal Services & Marine Forensic Analysis

World Class Maritime and Admiralty Case Support and Legal Services

“When handling a global maritime case I want the best resources possible working for me. CompuWeather (FleetWeather) is accurate, professional and understands my needs as an attorney and the needs of my case. They give me an advantage I have not found elsewhere!”

CLICK HERE to download a 1 page document describing our Maritime and Marine Forensic Services

CompuWeather is proud to be able to offer you complete support for all of your Maritime Cases and Marine Claims. CompuWeather’s sister division, FleetWeather Ocean Services, is one of the premier companies in the world able to provide you with support in this very unique, specialized niche sector. The combination of having land forensic and marine forensic specialists under one roof sets CompuWeather apart from any other company in the world.

CompuWeather specializes in working with the following types of marine cases and claims:

  • Cargo Loss and Damage
  • Admiralty Cases
  • Speed and Performance Claims
  • Arrival Delays
  • Ship Damage, Accidents and Sinkings
  • Yacht and Personal Watercraft Accidents and Damage
  • Personal Injury Cases on Ships, Docks and Off-Shore Platforms
  • Jones Act Claims and Cases
  • Claims and Cases involving Tropical Storms and Hurricanes
  • In-Port or Demurrage Claims
  • Route Analysis
  • Inland Waterway Cases and Claims

In addition to many of the more regular weather variables typically reported in our products we are also able to provide you with the following marine conditions as well: Swells, Sea State, Ocean Currents, Ocean Waves, Gale/Storm Warnings, Tides and Icing.

Our marine team at CompuWeather/FleetWeather is comprised of marine meteorologists, claims specialists, and professional ship routers.

CompuWeather is very accustomed to working with Global Maritime Attorneys, Marine Insurance Claims Professionals, Surveyors, Agents and Commercial Shipping Companies including ship owners, technical operators, managers and charterers.

In addition to our maritime products, we also provide many specialized services including consultations and expert testimony.

General Products and Services for Maritime Professionals

CompuWeather Formal Marine Report – A site-specific, plain English, detailed narrative style analysis of weather and marine conditions prepared by our team of marine meteorologists, claims analysts and ship routers. Includes color graphs of weather parameters, a map showing the location of loss, and a conclusion and determination as to the specific weather conditions at the time of the loss. CompuWeather’s Formal Marine Report is one of our most popular products and is customized to your exact needs. It functions as a detailed answer to all of your questions. Maritime professionals typically utilize our Formal Marine Report for all weather-related cases and claims they handle so they can properly document the relevant weather conditions in the case file. Many of our maritime clients have discovered that having accurate weather information early-on in their case allows them to make better decisions, settle quicker and save money and time.

CompuWeather Detailed Hurricane / Typhoon Report – This CompuWeather Report is an expanded version of our Formal Report (see above) that details the weather conditions during a tropical storm, hurricane or typhoon. This report is a site-specific, narrative style analysis of the tropic event and its effect on the loss location. Included is a synoptic history of the storm as well as a detailed, hour-by-hour analysis of other relevant weather conditions. This report has become a standard with our maritime clients for all large loss or litigated claims and cases involving tropical storm activity.

CompuWeather Post Voyage Analysis – This very highly specialized and detailed report is used to reconstruct and document a ships voyage anytime after it is complete. It can include a comprehensive voyage summary, vessel performance speed analysis, vessel bunker analysis and voyage wind and sea analysis. This product is prepared by our expert marine team comprised of marine meteorologists, claims analysts and ship routers using our proprietary FleetTrak© Voyage Technology. Our report takes into account many important vessel factors including: ship type, dead weight tonnage (DWT), ship stability (GM), current and speed calculations, accurate weather and sea conditions, and real-time ocean currents. Our post voyage analysis service also includes a consultation with a marine meteorologist and professional ship router. These reports are produced in accordance with English Maritime Law and adhere to the latest arbitration awards. These reports can also be fully customized to your individual needs and can be easily modified to include any charterparty terms. As an option we can also factor into this report a “good-weather” analysis which adheres to the charterparty terms.

Weather Consulting & Projects – CompuWeather’s marine meteorologists are always available for hire hourly on a time and materials basis. We can assist you with all types of marine weather-related cases and provide you with customized support anytime when working through difficult weather-related cases. Whether it is pre-trial support, courtroom graphics or long-term studies, CompuWeather can help. Let us help you to review weather-related documents or prepare custom studies when in the process of preparing your case.

Don’s See What You Need or Want? Contact us since we have many other custom products and services that can help!

Specialty Products and Services for Maritime Professionals

Rush & Super-Rush Orders – Our aim is to get you what you need when you need it, period. Standard delivery on our expert reports is generally 5 business days; however, we offer rush service and super-rush service for a nominal fee that will put our report into your hands when you need it. Same-day emergency consultations with our marine meteorologists are also available.

Phone Consultations– As a special service for maritime professionals, we give you the ability to have our marine meteorologists review your case and determine the site-specific weather conditions. Their findings and opinions are discussed with you in a telephone consultation at your convenience. Once the consultation has been completed, you will be given the choice as to whether you wish to continue and have the marine meteorologist’s findings documented in one of our printed report formats.

Worldwide Expert Testimony – Our marine meteorologists are trained and available as expert witnesses. They can provide trial testimony anywhere in the world.

Certified Data Fulfillment – As a time savings for our clients, CompuWeather can provide US land and coastal weather data relevant to your case or claim, certified by the US Government, which renders it admissible as evidence in court. The certified weather data we provide is certified by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and carries the highest form of certification that the NCDC offers. This is a two part certification (certification and authentication) under the Seal of the United States Department of Commerce with a blue ribbon. This type of certification is signed by both the NCDC Records Custodian and the NCDC Director as the Certifying Officer, or their designated representatives. Many clients find that allowing CompuWeather to manage their certified data needs saves them significant time, confusion, and money. Let CompuWeather assist you with your Certified Data needs each and every time you are preparing to go to court. CLICK HERE to view a sample of the Certified Weather Data Certificate with Blue Ribbon. We offer standard delivery (2-3 weeks) for certified data as well as rush delivery (5-7 business days) and super-rush delivery service (next business day AM or PM service).

Depositions – Our meteorologists are available for deposition either in our offices, at a location of your choosing or via video conference.

Affidavit Review– We will review, sign, and notarize an affidavit that you have prepared based on our opinion of the weather conditions relative to your case.

Pricing Information

Please contact us for a customized quote for your claim or case.