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CompuWeather Request Service Web Form

The following secure web form may be used to initiate an online service request for site-specific past historical weather information from CompuWeather. For other inquiries, please use our contact page.

CompuWeather is a professional weather consulting firm and charges for its services. Please do not use this form to request free information. Any information you provide to us is considered confidential at all times. We do not proceed with any work until our consultants have had the chance to contact you, discuss your information and gain your approval to move forward and start working for you. All submitted cases are conflict checked prior to commencing work on them.

You may use the form below anytime to provide us with information about your case or claim. This form is sent directly to our team of forensic consultants who will contact you during normal business hours within one business day of receiving your information. Our consultants will determine the best, most cost-effective tool from CompuWeather that will meet your expectations and provide you with an answer to your specific weather questions.

Have questions or need faster service? During normal business hours you may speak directly to our forensic consultants by calling: 800-825-4445.

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