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What Our Clients Have to Say About CompuWeather…

Have you used CompuWeather before? Please scroll down and provide us with comments about your experience with CompuWeather…

CompuWeather is proud to have amazing clients – 99.4% of our clients provide us with above-average ratings and would recommend us to their friends, associates and co-workers!

The comments listed below are received on our web site directly (scroll down to enter your comments) or on our client evaluation forms sent out with each of our reports. Due to the nature of the clients CompuWeather serves, company names cannot be visible and last names need to be abbreviated.


  • Angus S. - Tampa, FL

    We used CompuWeather for over 200 hail reports last hail season and for all of over major hail claims. Excellent product and great information. At first we were worried about the price being too high, but the results were well worth it. Making better decisions on all of our claims not only helps us but also our clients. Thank you for a great job. We are also planning on using you in our property and personal injury departments next.

  • Frank A. - Ames, Iowa

    Our firm just used your weather expert services for a case – we were very pleased with your service and the quality work performed by your experts. Thank you!

  • Arthur S. - New York City, NY

    We have been using compuweather for many years. Your company always is a pleasure to work with and a great resource for us.

  • Scott T. - Edison, NJ

    We really appreciate all of the Hurricane Sandy work you did for us. We are a small company and could not have handled all the cases and claims we managed without you.

  • Trevor J. - Hartford, CT

    Love your service! Patti is wonderful to work with. Her guidance on every case is always appreciated and valuable to us.

  • Jeanne K. - Atlanta, GA

    I am new to my firm and when I asked everyone who we use for weather cases everyone responded with compuweather and had amazing things to say about your company. I can’t wait to use you on my first case.

  • Joseph E. - Boston, MA

    I cannot tell you how happy we are to have found you and used you for a very touch marine claim a few months ago. We had been unsuccessful finding the information to support the claim and after hours of research called you for help. My supervisor was amazed and very impressed with the work you did for us and also the very reasonable price. CompuWeather is now the standard for all weather claims we handle. Bravo!

  • Kayla D. - San Diego, CA

    When we first called you, we were surprised to find out that you were so much more reasonably priced than the local weatherman we were using. We were also surprised to find out how fast you deliver reports compared to him also. Keep up the great work – we will be using CompuWeather for all of our future weather work.

  • Jan C. - Seattle, WA

    I manage 15 engineers in 5 states. We used to waste a ton of time and resources trying to handle the weather on our own for all of our insurance and legal work. Using your company for all of this work has saves us time, money and resources in a big way. We really appreciate the great job your people do and also your patience when working with us on complex projects.

  • Charles K. - Houston, TX

    We really like Compuweather! Thanks for being a great resource for all of my claims team!

  • Alan. D. - White Plains, NY

    Thank you Kim for visiting us in our office today. It was very informative for you to go over all of your services and products with us and especially all of the special services you have for attorneys. All of our team enjoyed your visit. Come back soon!

  • Julio C. - San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Great blog on your web site. Just spent the last 30 minutes reading through your posts. Very informative and a great primer on your company and services.

  • Carmen J. - Stratford, CT

    Just used CompuWeather for the first time – very pleased with the results and the great service.

  • Bobby C. - Bridgewater, NJ

    Our team recently discovered the HailTrail reports from CompuWeather. After just a few orders we have ruled out 2 fraud cases. Thank you!

  • Geane R. - San Antonio, TX

    Patti is my account rep – she is awesome. Everytime I speak to her she teaches me something I didn’t know and makes me look good with my boss.

  • Andy A. - Los Angeles, CA

    CompuWeather is one of my favorite vendors. I have been using them for years since I started in the insurance industry. They are always a pleasure to work with, provide top level service and their work is professional, on-time and accurate. My job would be much more difficult without companies like CompuWeather.

  • Karen W. - East Norwich, NY

    We appreciate the quality of the reports you provide and the professionalism of your staff! Thank you!

  • Warren F. - Houston, TX

    CompuWeather does an excellent job on what they do. They have been a huge asset to our engineers.

  • Eliot S. - White Plains, NY

    There is nothing you can do to improve – you already do a great job! Patti is great to work with!

  • Jack M. - St. Petersburg, FL

    Your service was very professional and timely.

  • Joannie K. - Bridgeport, CT

    Harold Schwan is really a pleasure to work with. We love getting your newsletters from him.

  • Peter H. - New Brunswick, NJ

    Professional, efficient and prompt service. Would recommend (CompuWeather) to others.

  • Ralph N. - New York, NY

    I have used compuweather many times over the past 10 years for all my cases that had weather involved. CompuWeather is one of my favorite vendors. You are professional, accurate and always deliver a quality service. Thank you!

  • David L. - Seattle, WA

    I always thought that you were more expensive than using my local weather guy. I admit I was wrong. You are considerably cheaper than him, much more accurate, and deliver in days when he usually took a month. I am very happy to have found you and will use you for all of my weather claims.

  • Arthur W. - Los Angeles, CA

    I am an engineer in California. We used to attempt to investigate weather on our own until we got your newsletter from Harold. I spoke to Harold and he explained to me all the benefits of using your firm. Since then, almost a year ago, we have used Compuweather for all of our weather work. You have made our jobs much easier. It is being able to rely on accurate weather information for the insurance claims we work on.

  • Sue B. - Knoxville, TN

    As a paralegal in a large law firm, I am so happy to have found CompuWeather recently. All of our attorneys use you and we are so pleased with your work. Thanks for making my job much easier.

  • John C. - Anchorage, AK

    We are really quite impressed with your work. Alaska is a tough place for weather. We have used many local meteorologists in the past for our cases and we have never been very happy with their work. We have used you for 2 cases so far and will always use CompuWeather in the future! Keep up the great work.

  • Adam R. - Oklahoma City, OK

    You guys are the best! You make my job so much easier. The great service and value you provide cannot be matched by anything else I have seen or tried in my 15 years working in insurance.

  • Christina G. - Marlton, NJ

    Everything was excellent – thank you!

  • Rochelle F. - Tampa, FL

    My team and company has used compuweather for many years for all of our weather claims. We have always been very pleased with your products and your wonderful service. We really like what you did with your new hail products. We will be using them for all of our hail cases in the future.

  • Jake A. - Sioux Falls, SD

    In my 17 years in the insurance industry I have learned to stay away from amateur vendors and stick with the pros. I have learned my lesson when it comes to weather; stay away from local weather people, forget the free web information and definitely do not try to do it myself. Finding CompuWeather has been a pure pleasure and made my job as a claims manager much easier. CompuWeather provides me with accurate information, great service and economical options. Their people are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you CompuWeather!

  • Mitch A.- Lexington, KY

    My staff used to spend hours on each case trying to find the associated weather data until we found CompuWeather. Now a 5 minute phone call is all it takes. Not only do we save time and money working with you but your work is accurate and your service is wonderful.

  • Mauro C.- Bethlehem, PA

    Your service was quick and complete. Our account executive, Patti Robertson, was very helpful.

  • Robert L. - Coral Gables, FL

    I am so glad to have found your company at the Windstorm Insurance Conference. I had no idea that a service like CompuWeather existed. Now that I have found you, I plan on using you for all my weather needs. Thanks for coming to the show!

  • Arthur D. - San Francisco, CA

    Our law firm just used CompuWeather for the first time for a very large case. We have always used local meteorologists in the past and will never make that mistake again. We were so impressed with CompuWeather’s exceptional service, attention to detail and their willingness to accommodate all of our needs. CompuWeather’s service was half the price that we were used to paying in the past using local meteorologists and our report was delivered in 5 days instead of 3-4 weeks. I will always be using CompuWeather in the future on all my relevant cases.

  • Frank G. - Morrisville, PA

    Service overall was excellent

  • Lynda W. - Syracuse, NY

    Compuweather has always been my favorite!

  • Belinda S. - Dallas, TX

    This is my first time using CompuWeather and the report is awesome. Thank you!

  • Steven T. - Clearfield, PA

    Great Service!

  • Sandra A. - Kenner, LA

    Patti Robertson (Our CompuWeather Consultant) was extremely helpful and performed a rush to meet my timeframe!

  • Keith R. - Poughkeepsie, NY

    On behalf of my entire law office and staff, I felt compelled to leave you this most complementary letter relative to Patti Robertson (Sr. Forensic Weather Consultant) and Steven Roberts (Sr. Forensic Meteorologist). In the past, starting some years ago, I had the opportunity to utlize CompuWeather Services. I have always been more than satisfied with the past performances. However, my and my professional corporation’s staff members’ recent dealings with Ms. Robertson and Mr. Roberts have been exceptionally professional, courteous and cooperative and worthy of this special note. Thank you for continuing excellent services.

  • Paula N. - Tampa, FL

    I cannot believe how helpful you guys are for hurricane claims. I used to spend hours wasting time researching weather data then I found you. You save me a ton of time and give us exactly what we need to manage our claims. Thank you

  • Jack M. - St. Petersburg, FL

    I really love your new hail reports. They are so much better than your older ones and what others offer. It is nice to see that you are always upgrading and revising your products to what we need.

  • Lisa I. - Hartford, CT

    I recommend CompuWeather to all my friends that are insurance professionals.Your service is always excellent and has been that way for many years. Keep up the great job.

  • Mark M. - Cincinnati, OH

    I always find it very simple and easy to work with CompuWeather and also appreciate how fast my reports get to me. I love it when I get a call from your customer service people telling me to check my email for my report. I wish more people treated and services their clients this well.

  • John B. - Oyster Bay, NY

    Always a pleasure working with CompuWeather.

  • Elizabeth B. - Midland, TX

    We highly recommend your service to others in the legal industry. After getting our last report we had some follow-up questions. Eric DeRoche, one of your meteorologists,worked closely with us until all of our questions were answered. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient. Your service makes my my job much easier. Thank you!

  • Beth S. - Grand Rapids, MI

    We are always very pleased with using your service. We rate the quality and value of your products to be excellent. They are very helpful when we have weather claims and need accurate information so that we can make the best decisions for our clients.

  • Kit O. - Woodstock, GA

    Thank you for being so responsive to our initial inquiry about your services and for your patience to answer all of our questions. We found your service to be excellent. Our sales representative, Patti, was great!

  • JW T. - Tulsa, OK

    Very impressed with your service and your on-time delivery! It was great when your customer service rep called me to tell me that the report I had ordered from you had been emailed to me and wanted to confirm I received it. This is my first time using CompuWeather, you can count on me becoming a regular.

  • James C. - New York, NY

    Your staff is extremely professional and helpful. Their recommendations and advice have helped me achieve very positive results on the many cases we have used compuweather on over the last 15 years. Patti Robertson is truly an asset to your company.

  • Ryan M. - Orlando, FL

    So glad again to see you guys at the Windstorm Insurance Conference today. Jess spent a lot of time showing me samples of your products. I love your hail reports and can’t wait for my next hail claim to try using them. Keep up the great work. You make our jobs so much easier when it comes to claims involving weather.

  • Arnie H. - Gettysburg, PA

    I really enjoy the emails from Harold Schwan from CompuWeather – keep up the good work and happy holidays!

  • Malcolm S.- New York, NY

    Patti – Thank you so much for your patience, professionalism and your time. After speaking with you I fully understand the value to the service CompuWeather provides to attorneys and why we should be using you for all of our weather cases.Knowing what I know now, I can guarantee you that our firm will be a long time client of yours. I can’t wait to order our first report from CompuWeather!

  • Lawrence O. - New Orleans, LA

    We searched and searched for someone to assist us with a very unique maritime case in the Gulf of Mexico. We were not only suprised to hear that CompuWeather could do the job, but what a job they did. We successfully won the case thanks to CompuWeather’s amazing work and their wold class team of experts. We will definitely be using your experts in the future for other work we get.

  • Dotty B. - Honolulu, HI

    Good stuff!

  • Patricia T. - Jackson, MS

    Great Service! Our claims team recently started using your company for our larger property claims and we could not be happier. We used to use one of those weather web sites and we were constantly getting wrong and inaccurate information from it. Glad we found CompuWeather!

  • Kevin C. - Raleigh, NC

    Always a pleasure using your company! The service makes our job easier. We just got the Hurricane Irene wind maps from you. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • John W. - San Antonio, TX

    We are so glad we started using your hailtrail products – so much better than the other product we used to use for hail claims.

  • Allison D. - Newport, RI

    Excellent service!

  • Jackie P. - Atlanta, GA

    We are always pleased with the service Compuweather provides!

  • Steven N. - Austin, TX

    Outstanding Service!

  • Donna K. - New York, NY

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I used to spend many late nights working late researching weather conditions for my legal team. Now a simple 5 minute call to Compuweather and the job is done! We love your service, your reports and especially how helpful and professional all of your people are.

  • Zack R. - Hartford, CT.

    Weather was so hit or miss before I found CompuWeather.I always hated having to trust weather data from the internet and then make an educated guess as to what the weather was at the claim location. Since I have started using your service and receiving accurate information about the claims I am working on, it is nice to know that I can make good professional decisions in the best interest of my company and my clients and protect my reputation at the same time. Thank you for the great job you do.

  • John U. - Oklahoma City, OK

    I love working with compuweather and your hail reports – they are the best I have ever seen.

  • Robert C. - Southbury, CT

    Excellent service and product! Patricia Robertson is a very knowledgeable and easy to work with!

  • Ryan Y. - Medford, OR

    Weather cases are so much easier to work with since we found Compuweather on the web. We highly recommend this service to others. Handling weather has never been easier and more efficient.

  • Zack W. - Des Moines, IA

    Patti Robertson, my CompuWeather rep is terrific and a true asset to CompuWeather!

  • Randall C. - San Francisco, CA

    I would highly suggest using CompuWeather. They are always easy to reach and it is such a nice thing these days to be able to call a company and have a person to talk to. CompuWeather’s phone consultants are extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, informative and helpful. They always take the time to find out all the details of my case before providing me with the best options specific to my needs. Many times their experience has helped me to understand things about my case in regards to the weather that I was unaware of. Using CompuWeather has helped me to manage cases better and to win more cases!

  • Jim H. - Stamford, CT.

    I have been using CompuWeather for approximately 5 years. Patti Robertson is our account rep and she is wonderful to deal with. Her knowledge and patience makes it a pleasure to work with her. The reports we get from CompuWeather are accurate, professional and very simple to understand. I am always impressed with the quality of your work and especially the excellent support from your meteorologists after the sale. They are extremely helpful and quick to follow-up on inquiries. Thank you for the super job you do!

  • Alan D. - Trenton, NJ

    Thank you for the exceptional service and the accurate past weather reports! My job is a lot easier thanks to the wonderful service that CompuWeather provides the legal community. Your unbiased approach and professionalism of your staff always impress me.

  • Michael S. - Houston, TX

    A report you previously did for us resulted in a positive outcome for our clients. Keep up the good work.

  • Kim U. - San Diego, CA

    I was so happy to find out that you guys also handle marine cases. I have used you for so many other things over the years but had no idea you do marine as well. No matter what kind of weather case we have I know I can always count on CompuWeather – thank you for many years of exception service and accurate weather reports! Kim

  • Brian M. - Houston, TX

    It was great seeing CompuWeather at the Windstorm Conference in Houston last week. I really enjoyed stopping at your booth and was very impressed with your new hailtrail products and what you do for documenting hurricane cases. I can’t wait to have a hail claim come across my desk so that I can order a new hailtrail report!

  • Edward H. - Manhattan, NY

    Thank you Compuweather! For over 10 years you have provided me with excellent service and accurate weather reports. Thanks for making my job and all the weather claims that come across my desk a little easier.

  • Timothy Y. - Honolulu, HI

    Thank you for taking the time to educate my SIU team about the value of your service and the role you play in working with insurance claims and fraud investigations. Using your company has saved my people a ton of time and helped us to maintain a very high level of quality service. Mahalo nui loa!

  • Hester B. - United Kingdom

    Love your site, keep up the good work

  • Shannon M. - Medford, OR

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are awesome. You have made working with weather claims so much easier for us. Discovering your service has literally changed the way we do business. Convincing us to use you on all of our weather claims at first seemed liked it would cost us more. But in the end every doller we spent with you we saved us thousands. We really appreciate your patience and your support. Everyone in the insurance industry should discover your service.

  • Art F. - Dodge City, KS

    Great job with the new hail reports. We like them much better than the old ones. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  • Scott S. - Nashville, TN

    To: CompuWeather Expert Jim Bria
    Re: Doppler Radar Weather Cases
    Jim, we settled the cases at mediation on Monday. We could not have done it without your outstanding help. Thanks again for your help. We look forward to working again with you soon.

  • Mitch L.- Newark, NJ

    CompuWeather has been instrumental in assisting our firm with many flood and construction cases over the years. They are an extremely trusted vendor for our firm and we highly recommend their services to other law firms. I wish all of my vendors were like CompuWeather.

  • Lucinda W. - San Diego, CA

    You are such a big help for all of the weather claims we handle. Your sales team is very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. We are so glad that we met your company last year at the Windstorm Conference. Thanks for all you do.

  • Michael B.- Miami, FL.

    Thanks for your help with the jet ski case. We thought it was going to be impossible to pin down the weather at the time of the accident at the specific location it took place. We are so glad we found your service. Having the facts about the weather helped us to win the case.

  • Donny R. - Hatteras, NC

    We were very lucky not to get too many claims from Earl. We used your timelines for the ones we did get and I must tell you they were an incredibly useful tool. This is my first time using CompuWeather and I will definitely be using you for all my hurricane and catastrophe work in the future. Great service and great timelines, thank you!

  • Norin L. - Sunrise, FL

    Your consultants are very friendly and helpful!

  • William S. - Humble, TX

    I have been using another company for my hail reports for many years (decent product, slow delivery and poor service). After trying one of your new Hailtrail hail reports and experiencing your great service (thanks Patti) and quick delivery, I will be using CompuWeather for all my future claims. I am so glad I found Coumpuweather.

  • Carl B. - Escondido, CA

    Great job! I couldn’t believe how fast I received my report.

  • Cameron T.

    hi I really enjoyed reading your web site

  • Rich K. - Seattle, WA

    Good luck with the new Hailtrail products – they look great! Can’t wait for a hail claim to use them!

  • Bill D. - Hartford, CT.

    I just used one of your Hailtrail hail searches. My investigation required a that I search the whole state of PA for hail for a specific day last year. Your report was all I needed; quick, simple and all the information compiled in one place. This would have taken me hours to try to do on my own. You saved me tons of time and made my job much easier. Thanks!

  • Norm H. - Ames, IA

    Kudos to Compuweather – great job with the new hailtrail reports. They look great!

  • Christina G. - Marlton, NJ

    Very quick and easy!

  • Roger D. - Topeka, Kansas

    I absolutely love what you have done with your new Hailtrail products. They are so easy to use and really helped us with a number of tricky hail claims we had in our department.

  • Leigh R. - Norman, OK

    I really like your new hail products, they are so much easier to use than what we had before. I am really glad I found compuweather. I can’t wait to use you again!

  • Rita M. - Blue Bell, PA

    You have been one of the most consistent and reliable vendors I have used in the 10 years working in the insurance field. Thank you for making my job easier and for helping my company and myself maintain a high level of accuracy and professionalism.

  • Marco A. - Singapore

    The voyage reconstruction that you performed for our client in Norway was instrumental in helping us win the case and settle a 2 year on-going dispute with the ships owner. Our firm was quite impressed with your detail, accuracy and quick service. We appreciate your assistance and will definitely be using you in the future and recommending you to the rest of our shipping clients.

  • Eric P. - Alpharetta, GA

    Your service was speedy and helpful.My rush request was promptly delivered.

  • Justin G. - Houston, TX

    As an Engineer I cannot begin to tell you how embarrassing it was to be testifying in court and have it discovered that the weather information I got from the Internet was wrong and inaccurate. I called CompuWeather and they got me the correct information immediately and truly got me out of a real bind. From now on I will be using your company for all my weather cases – thank you again for saving my reputation and my job.

  • Robert M. - Virginia Beach, VA

    I could not possibly ask for a better service!

  • Sally U. - Fort Wayne, IN

    Thank you so much for all your help and assistance with some of my very rough winter snow claims. We spent hours trying to find snow data for our cases before we found you. I spoke with Patti for 10 minutes about the 5 cases and a few days later we received the reports. It was nice to close them out knowing we had accurate information about the snow to use for each one of them. I will be using you in the future for all of our weather cases. Thanks Patti!

  • Stan Y. - Boston, MA

    My team has been using your service for years for all of our slip and fall cases. I estimate we have used you in at least 100 cases over the last 5 years. Your service is exceptional, your findings are accurate and your assistance has been invaluable to us! I cannot imagine what would we do without CompuWeather…thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Anne S. - Tampa, FL

    CompuWeather provides an incredible service! Our whole claims team uses you and you make our jobs so much easier. Last month one of your one of your reports helped us save almost $80,000 on a fraudulent commercial roof claim. Having a service like CompuWeather helps us to be more accurate and professional in all that we do.

  • Mark S.

    I’m a professional insurance agent and I can say in no uncertain terms that this is some great advice. Awesome stuff, dude.

  • Wayne D. - Houston, TX

    We just used CompuWeather for fifth time at my law firm since discovering your service last year. I rarely ever give testimonials but your service and the accuracy of your work has been so good I felt obligated to want to tell others. You have helped us to win a few cases we thought were impossible. We are glad to have found you and will continue to use you when the need arises!

  • Tom O. - Tampa, FL

    Our entire SIU team uses your services and we love what you do for us. CompuWeather makes our investigations easier by providing us with accurate past weather that we can’t get anywhere else. You are definitely a very valuable resource to our team. Thanks for the great service and support!

  • Nigel B. - London, U.K.

    The hindcast report provided by CompuWeather provided my company with the necessary documentation needed for us to resolve a longstanding maritime issue that was not only favourable to both the client and I but was also extremely cost effective.

  • Jon W. - Anchorage, AK

    Nothing is more difficult than dealing with the weather claims in Alaska. We have never had a good source for weather until we found CompuWeather. Great service! Thank You!

  • Susan T. - Los Angeles, CA

    Just tried your service for the 1st time – you guys are excellent. All insurance claims managers should educate their staff about your terrific service. Your report cost us a few hundred dollars and saved us approximately $78,000 on a fraudulent claim. We will definitely be using you on a lot more claims in the future.Thank you so much.

  • Allan G. - New York, NY

    As Senior Partner of a NYC law firm with over 30 attorneys I must praise CompuWeather for the quality service you provide us. On everything from past weather reports or expert testimony service your staff is professional, your weather analysis is accurate and your sales people are just a pleasure to work with. Thank you for helping make our days a little easier and our practice successful!

  • Roger K. - Ames, IA

    There isn’t a week that I don’t suggest your service to new claims recruits in our company. CompuWeather is truly a great resource for the insurance world. I never understand why people in my industry would waste so much time trying to do weather themselves when a simple 5 minute call to CompuWeather provides them with guaranteed accurate information in just a few short days. Thank you for helping me shine in my job.

  • Mark P. - Bridgeport, CT

    In the seven years that I have used CompuWeather in my litigation files, I have found them to be thorough, responsive and accurate. I appreciate the professional interaction I have had from their customer service representatives to their meteorologists. I would and have recommended them to my associates and peers.

  • Sandra N.- Tampa, Fl.

    You have been one of our most trusted vendors for many years. I would never process a large claim that involves weather without using your services. Thanks for all your help and assistance!

  • Pam R.- Ames, IA

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain exactly what you do! It is hard to believe that we have been managing cases so poorly for so long using only airport weather data and not using a service like CompuWeather to give us the weather for the actual case location. I hate to admit this, but had we not lost a case to an attorney who used your service we might never have known about the true benefits you offer to the legal community. Believe me we won’t be making this mistake again in the future!

  • Renee P. - Pennsauken, NJ

    Patti Robertson (CompuWeather’s Sr. Forensic Consultant) is always a pleasure to work with. I will always call her first.

  • Sharon R. - San Antonio, TX

    Always a pleasure dealing with you!

  • Jean T. - Jersey City, NJ

    Everything is excellent and satisfactory, as always!

  • Ronnie S. - New Brunswick, NJ

    Very detailed report! I will utilize your services in the future!

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